Hello & Welcome!

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First and foremost, hello and welcome! If you have transitioned from my previous blog Thank you for your continued support. If you are new, well, hey! and thanks for joining in!

Some of my previous content will be updated and transferred over to here, but there will be so much new content I can not wait to release and publish! My main focus will be mental health, women’s well being, and what I hope to be a good place to just talk about the daily life and struggles and greatness of women.

I will have the Goddess Boxes available for purchase and Im working to team up with others to give more goodies. My hope is to get Mediums, and tarot card readers in here. Have lives over on Instagram and maybe open up a Facebook page if the demand gets big enough.

I just want to help all women love them selves, we all struggle at times and we all need a support. I hope you find that here.

xoxo- Alex

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