2020 Election

I try to NOT be political here but i wanted to share a response i wrote to someone on facebook….

if you vote for trump- you are voting to remove female bodily rights. To allow school shootings to continue to happen and the highest number in basically the world. You vote for trump you are voting against people of color, freedoms and equality for all. You are voting for a “man” who does not value women. Who mocks war heros and veterans. You vote for someone who is okay with police brutality.

Heres some information for you:
Rubber bullets were not designed to be shot at a person, but to bounce off the ground to disrupt the people. POLICE HAVE SHOT THE DIRECTLY AT PEOPLE UNDER TRUMPS PRESIDENCY BECAUSE HE GAVE THEM THE OKAY TO.

Racism has been shamed and was not publically accepted until under trumps presidency.

When Obama was president people threatened him and his family because of his skin color and nothing was done

When people threatened trump because of his sexist racist remarks, people came to his aid, and some lost their jobs for speaking their opinions on him.

He has tried to take away LQBTQ+ rights away.
He cant say its for a religious reason because he does not attend church or services of any kind.

He has mocked women in power. Stated you can grab them by their pussy. He has raped. He has walked into dressing rooms during pagents because he thinks he can.

He never served a day in his life in the military. But i have. He has no respect for military.

He has no respect for women, people of color, minorities.

He doesnt stand for what America was built upon.

america was built to stand for freedom and EQUALITY FOR ALL. To be a melting pot of people, views and religion. Soooo, what you copy and pasted is not even remotely true.

If you dont agree thats fine. Feel free to comment, let me know. But this election is very important.

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