Hi, if you restrict food from a child in your home, they are more likely to have a negative relationship with food.


This can include:

  • binge eating (all food or just certain foods or types of food)
  • bulimia nervosa
  • anorexia
  • Orthorexia

Please dont set your kids up to have issues in their adulthood… It really sucks.

This comes from me, an adult who suffers from binge eating and hormonal issues.. thise tied together and weight loss is practically impossible.

I was restricted and basically denied any “junk food” and sweets, and now.. that os what I turn to when I am angry, upset amd mostly when something goes against how I planned out.

It may not make sense to every one and that is totally okay… But please understand, healthy perportions is great but denied and restrictions and cause unhealthy knowledge.

12 Years.

My father, at lake erie

His happy places were fishing, watching NFL amd NASCAR.

He enjoyed a lot towards the end of his life, he worked hard and deserved it.

He had a lot of struggles in his 41 years on this earth.

I cant say he was the best man, person or father there was… But I sure can say he was perfect for me.

I was raised to be strong and independent. I was raise to know right from wrong. I was raised by a single father…

I didn’t know we were ever poor until I was older, but I had every thing I needed.

I was loved.

My dad was taken from my life was to soon. I was 14. In the past 12years he has missed my graduting with honors, serving 5years in the Navy. He missed the births of his grandsons and my marriage…

So many days I wish I could simply call him, or drive to his house…

I miss him.

Heres to 12 years… Amd more to come… Waiting til my kids are old enough to understand so I can tell them stories about him.

Sigh Of Relief

I do my best to keep politics out of my posts, but I feel the need to write some things.

I have a mixed husband and kids. He is black and japanese, as he says heavy on the japanese, as thats the culture he enjoys the most.

I myself am apart of the LGBTA+ and a woman…

I have friends of all walks of life.

Humans rights were never a debate for me.

I stand strong on this election was about morals and human rights and equality.

I hope you sleep easier. I hope my friends of color, and minorities can take a deep breathe. I hope women may gain control over THEIR bodily rights.

I do not apologise if you disagree. I think trump is trash.

This is not the end, we still have to work. We need to keep advocating. We must protect women’s rights. Children in cages. Immigration rights. Poc lives. We still have work to do. Please dont stop.

2020 World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on October 10th.

It was established October 10, 1992 by Richard Hunter. Hunter was the Deputy Secretary General of the World Federation for Mental Health.

The top 5 warning signs:

Long term sadness or irritability

Extreme high and low mood swings

Excessive fear, worry or anxiety

Social withdraw

Dramatic change in sleeping and lr eating habits

October 8th is also National Depression Screening Day. I highly suggest reaching out if you feel you are having some trouble. Its nothing to ever be ashamed about. You have to take care of you!

You can speak with your primary care provider or an obgyn. Seeking therapy, or really any type of help for your mental health is a step in the right direction!

Wave of Light 10-10-2020

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness

Established in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan.

This month includes those who suffered; stillbirths, miscarriages, SIDS, or a loss during any point in pregnancy or infancy.

It seems to be common for loss mothers to plants trees or gardens on loss anniversaries. It allows the memory and love to grow and be visual.

On October 15th, at 7pm in all timezones please light a candle to celebrate the Wave Of Light

If you have suffered a loss, my heart is with you. I myself lost a baby July 24,2016. It still to this day is hard for me. Some of us have babies we never met or they were gone much too soon. I am sorry, you are not alone.

Intro To Homeschool PreK

Hey! Today I want to quickly share what I have been doing with my almost 5year old for homeschool.

We are starting with 30mins or less 3 days a week. A letter of the alphabet a day. keeping it simple has been stress-free for me and him!

I will share the website and books I’m using in another post for resources.

For the first day, we did a little question sheet and we will redo it at the end of the year to see what’s changed.

Drawing, painting, dry erase boards, puzzles and flash cards are great ways to learn while having fun!

2020 Election

I try to NOT be political here but i wanted to share a response i wrote to someone on facebook….

if you vote for trump- you are voting to remove female bodily rights. To allow school shootings to continue to happen and the highest number in basically the world. You vote for trump you are voting against people of color, freedoms and equality for all. You are voting for a “man” who does not value women. Who mocks war heros and veterans. You vote for someone who is okay with police brutality.

Heres some information for you:
Rubber bullets were not designed to be shot at a person, but to bounce off the ground to disrupt the people. POLICE HAVE SHOT THE DIRECTLY AT PEOPLE UNDER TRUMPS PRESIDENCY BECAUSE HE GAVE THEM THE OKAY TO.

Racism has been shamed and was not publically accepted until under trumps presidency.

When Obama was president people threatened him and his family because of his skin color and nothing was done

When people threatened trump because of his sexist racist remarks, people came to his aid, and some lost their jobs for speaking their opinions on him.

He has tried to take away LQBTQ+ rights away.
He cant say its for a religious reason because he does not attend church or services of any kind.

He has mocked women in power. Stated you can grab them by their pussy. He has raped. He has walked into dressing rooms during pagents because he thinks he can.

He never served a day in his life in the military. But i have. He has no respect for military.

He has no respect for women, people of color, minorities.

He doesnt stand for what America was built upon.

america was built to stand for freedom and EQUALITY FOR ALL. To be a melting pot of people, views and religion. Soooo, what you copy and pasted is not even remotely true.

If you dont agree thats fine. Feel free to comment, let me know. But this election is very important.

September 11. 19 years ago

Lets stop with the political 9/11 posts😊

Its not about us forgetting the cops that aided and now we all hate cops. Its about the lives lost. All the first responders that assisted, nit just the cops. Its about those we lost in the war that followed. Its about remembering the brothers,sisters mothers, fathers, children, aunts, uncles, and friends lost.

Its about remembering the heartache that happened and how people came together.

Its not about muslims. Its not about Democrat vs republicans or if bush knew or not.

Its about a historical event that we lived through. That is now taught as a historical event is history class.

To those we lost, rest in peace. To those who suffer with physical or mental wounds, you are loved and your story matters
To those that helped save others and died, you died a hero. To those that helped save people and are still here, you are a hero.
To those whose lost loved ones, my heart goes out to you because this yearly reminder is not fair.

I was in school. I was in first grade. And i hope nothing like that day and the days that followed ever happen again.