Bringing In Joy


What brings you joy?

What can you do every day to have joyful moments?

For myself its simple….

A workout, coffee, peace during my kids nap time.

Sometimes bringing joy to others is a great way to have joy oursleves.

I suggest send a random card or gift. Check in with people and see how they are doing. Pay for someone behind you in a line or gift to a charity.

Leave a comment below, I’d like to know what brings you joy!

Something New

New is often times scary.

New is often unknown.

But new can be the start of something beautiful.

Try something new, do something new.


I think marriage for most people looks the same. I’d say the majority of us deal with similar issues. Some more grave, and some more lighthearted…

Lets take a look at finances- the end all for some people. AI think its important to talk about money. I know we do every two weeks, and whenever else its needed. We make our paycheck budget, pay bills together etc. Keep communication open is key. Finances become an issue when lies are told or deceit is there. So talk, communicate and budget together.

Space! Every single person needs space and time alone. It is hard for some of us to get that but it is so important… especially with this at home time we are all experiencing. For me the moment my kids are napping I am doing my work alone in quiet. Or watching a movie or hell even a mid day bath/shower. Space is crucial for mental health and health in general.

Accepting that you can not and should not need to or have to change the other person. They are who they are, that does not reflect you. Sometimes people change for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Learn to express yourself. Meaning, communicate. It is KEY to a healthy marriage. No matter how you may be feeling, it is crucial you communicate that. It may be hard, sometimes it may help to type it out or write it down. I like to start tough conversations on paper or in text form until I’m able to verbally speak it and make sense.

That’s my advice for now. What is your opinion? Agree or disagree with what I’ve said?