Launch Info & Purchases

Hey Guys!

We are so close to launching our first products!

Everything will be available for purchase separately or you can purchase a subscription box to include surprise goodies as well!

Still working on some last minute items to add but I am so close by the end of next week everything should be available and include product photos.

Thanks for sticking with me!



Well Hello and Welcome!!

I am beyond excited to have you here. I hope you find something for you here on this woman’s wellness site.

There’s a blog for info, conversations and just random topics. An optional subscription box called the Goddess Box and of course just what I hope to be some helpful and useful Mental Health information and tips.

I ran a blog called Beyond A Mothers Mind, and now I’m working on building this site up while taking the other down. I don’t know all but I do know we all need a support system and a strong bond during tougher times and I hope you find that here.

So, who am I? Well, My name is Alex. Im a 25 yr old mama to two toddler boys. Wife to a busy man and Dual military turned both Veterans! We were both Navy and met while stationed in Japan on the good ole CVN 73, USS George Washington. Now, I’m a stay at home mom with my kiddos and pursuing school soon while running this site is life.

Between mental health and some medical issues I hope I can deliver a good bit of info to help others out there.

Glad to have you!