Anxiety: Is literally different for every person. Yes, The “signs and symptoms” may be theoretically the same or follow a pattern for diagnosis but each person is still different.

Google Definition of Anxiety:  “A feeling of apprehension and fear, characterized by physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, and feelings of stress. “

Mayo Clinics Web Page :

If you are a female, and have had a baby or plan to have one- you may be familiar with Post-Partum Anxiety. It is anxiety, but typically ends up going away.

My anxiety is complex. I have >ticks<. Those ticks have been around for a long time but I have actually just discovered them, and knowingly started paying attention to them. My anxiety stems from childhood issues and experiences I have had in my adult years.

I don’t just become anxious, or hyper vigilant… I become paranoid. My ticks became prevalent, and I can’t stop them. My sleep is affected, My mood, my entire life gets engulfed in these hours to weeks worth of what ever the hell it is.

So, Why write this exactly? Well, I think it’s really important for people to understand that Mental Illness is not the same for everyone. That anxiety is not the same for every person.

Some calming Tips and Tricks:

For me, writing down whatever my brain is saying, even if it doesn’t make sense. Deep breathing helps along with soft chest taps. I know for some people, its simply listening to a certain song, or reading a quote.

For a more severe anxiety episode: go to a quiet space, get some water, cool off… deep breaths and try to clear your mind.

Chamomile tea and lavender teas are great for relaxing and calming yourself.

Practice Mindfulness. You are not being a control freak by having a plan. Especially if you are like me and new places, lots of people, public… can create issues for you.

Try yoga, or meditation: nightly meditation is a great way to get rid of the anxiety from the day and morning meditation is a great way to start your day and be stronger than your anxiety.

I would love to hear from you if you deal with anxiety, Id love to chat and bounce some calming ideas between us. So please Email me or Click on the contact form in the menu!

Im not an expert. I just deal with this basically daily. Now, looking back… I’ve delt with it for almost 10 years. I hope this sheds some light for anyone who isn’t familiar with anxiety.

Military & Motherhood PT.2

Hello and Good afternoon! Today’s military and motherhood blog is a blurb form multiple women and their take on this life style. Please note, names have been changed.

“no one cares, you are out there on your own”- Kate M.

” You better find and know all the instructions, better to just keep them with you because the commands don’t care. You have to protect yourself.” Meliisa F.

“inconsistencies between pregnancy commands. Since nothing is written in black and white, there’s some commands who really do let moms use the year of baby bonding to its full potential (while still working of course) and some who just don’t give a shit.” Whitney R.

“Being an active military first time mom myself with a deployed spouse. We’re expected to be a fighter and be the head of the house hold!” Kay W.

“My advice is to definitely know your regs for pregnancy and motherhood. My first baby I had no clue about a lot of the things you have the right to and I expected my command to know the rules and abide by them. I was in a generator shop throughout my pregnancy and I didnt find out until after that according to the Idustrial Hygiene survey that I shouldn’t be in there while pregnant due to noise hazards. I did my first PRT back exactly 6 months after my c section because my command didnt read the instruction correctly and I almost failed because I didnt know that I didnt have to take it until the following cycle. All the stress of that made my milk supply drop and I quit breastfeeding early because of that and them not accommodating a space at work for me to pump and expecting me to use the head. Dont expect people to fight for you, read everything you can on regs.” Julia P.

“Ppd can start before you have your baby. Talk with youre doctor about, look up the signs and symptoms. Know that body changes happen, and are to be expected. But pain happens too. Back, pelvic, hips… belly bands can help, youre boobs will continue to grow, dont freek out when they/if they leak while pregnant.
Just because youre in the military doesnt mean anything. Print out the instructions on limited work hours, soft shoe chits everything.
” Alex H.

 “Put your foot down with your command when it comes to your children. They aren’t going to care if you’re sick or your kids are sick. Stand up for yourself in a respectful way when it comes to taking care of your needs… and practice while your pregnant!” Kerri A .

I don’t know how to make it clearer about how hard it is being pregnant or a mom in the military. No one cares, no on e stands up for you. We have to bare the weight of the duty and motherhood. Not one person asked how I was doing after either child. No one asked to help or if I needed anything, and every single person knew I was along with my first son.

With Active Duty having such high suicide rates and veterans the same, I would think they would tale mental health more serious yet, they do not.

I hope this give you a bit of insight as to what military and motherhood is like.

Mental Health & Pregnancy 1

Boy, when you find out you’re pregnant a million emotions go through your head. Maybe fear, happiness and joy or excitement. So many of us know our life is about to change. We know we are about to have a tiny human to care for and our entire world will change.

We also know the typical bodily changes- belly grows, maybe boobs do to. But what so many people overlook is the mental health portion. During pregnancy, between hormones and emotional changes you have body changes and life changes all at once. It’s not always easy to see and accept every day. Hell, some women struggle with not having the typical belly bumps. POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION can began during pregnancy. It can start to take effect before you ever give birth.

I know for me personally, I had so much anxiety before I had my first son. And yes, seperation anxiety is a real thing.

Did you know that 1 out of 7 woman suffer from postpartum depression? Did you know 70% to 80% of woman will experience some form of baby blues. When we include woman who have miscarried or have experienced a still birth, around 900,000 woman suffer from postpartum depression annually. If you already suffer from anxiety or depression then you are 10-50% higher in risk of suffering from postpartum depression. ⁣

As a womens society page I want to help educate. This is something that find is so over due on. Women are going into pregnancy and not knowing what PPA AND PPD are.

Mental health- is not just teens being dramatic or moms being exhausted. It is a real problem. It is alive and yet sucking the life from so many. I will be posting a few blogs about this soon.