Therapy Research

I know I have visited this topic in the past but after some time, I really wanted to do an “update” of sorts.

I have been contacted by an awesome researcher and I’d like to share the information with all you. I’d also like to share a quick backstory of myself.

First, for anyone who many not know- I am a mother of 2 toddler boys, roughly 17 months apart. With my first son I don’t believe I had ppd or ppa out side the normal sadness to leave my baby for work. However, when I had my second son… oh boy- depression and anxiety set in and bad. Two years later and almost a year into therapy I’ve realized that although I do have some past issues that contribute to depression… I still deal with that lovely PPD AND PPA.

Did you know that 1 out of 7 woman suffer from postpartum depression? Did you know 70% to 80% of woman will experience some form of baby blues. When we include woman who have miscarried or have experienced a still birth, around 900,000 woman suffer from postpartum depression annually. If you already suffer from anxiety or depression then you are 10-50% higher in risk of suffering from postpartum depression.

I have friends I have seen go from fun loving women to a ball of depression after their child was born. It is more common that most may think.

Joey, has sent me some information I’d like to share.

“The team and I understood that while this kind of help might not be for everyone, it is still an important resource for those out there seeking self-help.

For this reason, we created this guide:

Within the guide, you can find a comparison of 19 different online therapy apps and our unique experiences with each of them. We compared the apps’ affordability, usability, and looked into the actual certifications of their therapists.”

After looking over the provided link above here’s my thoughts-

This is certainly not for every woman. However, it does highlight lots of helpful info, that even though it may not be for you it may help your best friend. There is no such thing as too many resources. If you do see that you need some extra help, but may not know what to look for… the guide does highlight tips as well. Feel free to let me know what you think as well!