Ronin’s Birthday Gifts

Hey guys! I thought Id go over what I grab and ordered Ronin for his 3rd birthday later this month. I will share Amazon Links for ease for you all.

I got him a pop up tent, easy for us to handle and it is open ended play. Something he can nap in , play in and even pretned in. Link below:

Next up is this toddler Balancing Board. Great way for indoor play and energy burner! Link below:

This little car ramp! How cute is this?! Super simple but great activity and good for coordination. Link below:

Thinks not from amazon:

An Incredible soft Blanket, a barn animal sound book and play dough.

THe goal was to get non electronic toys, and toys that he could use more imagination with. I hope this quick guide gives you some ideas. Let me know in the comments what kind of stuff you get for your toddlers!