Healthy Not Skinny

Skinny is beautiful

Curvy is beautiful

All sizes are beautiful…

For me, I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my own skin. Im not using a scale because that becomes an obsession for me. I am working out to feel better about myself. I want to be able to look in the mirror and love what I see.

I hope that for anyone they are able to see they are beautiful the way they are but the have the ability to feel beautiful for themself.

My self love is not determined by society , but by me.

Love your self. Find a way to love what you see even if you need to change something for you.

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Antidepressant vs Mood Stabilizer

Hey guys! Today i wanted to talk about my journey with antidepressants and my new pill.

I started off with low dose Zoloft. At first it seemed to be working. I was sleeping better, seemed to me that my mood had started to shift towards normal and happier. I upped the dose- per doctors orders- and I noticed I started to feel drugged. I was no longer happy. I couldn’t make it through the day with out a nap. I was not cooking or cleaning. I wasn’t being a very good mom. I was just surviving my days. I stopped cold turkey. I don’t recommend that for everyone as it can cause suicidal thoughts and more. But i made the choice to stop taking my Zoloft. Immediately I felt depressed but better, as I was no longer feeling drugged.

I finally got into see a new psychiatrist who after talking then wanted to start me back on a low dose of Zoloft. I did it and felt horrible. I went back… this time with the mindset that I need something different. I didnt know what I needed but I knew I wanted to have energy and be a human again.
After talking he decided to have me start an anti -psychotic, Latuda. Latuda is a mood stabilizer used with bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and anything else on the bipolar spectrum.

I am one month in on taking Latuda, and honestly- these have been amazing for me.

I feel normal again. I have energy and wake up before 7am everyday. I don’t just survive my days, I’m living. I’m cleaning, cooking and being a better momma to my boys these days.

Zoloft may work for some people, but they didn’t for me. I am so thankful for my new pills. My life is not perfect, but its so much better now.

I’m not saying latuda is right for everyone- no one size fits all here with mental health… I am saying, talk to your doctor if a pill isn’t working. You may need something else. You may need a new dosage..

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. Get a new doctor if need be. Don’t suffer, its not worth it.


Why is there a stigma with therapy? Its such a great tool for mental health. Whether you need it for past traumas or just a few sessions to let out stress. Some times people go to just have an outside view on life.

I’ve been going weekly for about a year now, and let me tell you- I love it. That one hour is exactly what I need every week to regain control thoughts and check in on myself.

We talk about the past, the future and present. My goals, what is going on currently and even about random things that I feel like talking about.

I wish there wasn’t a stigma. More people should feel good about going to therapy and now ashamed. There’s no harm in talking to someone. Having that one on one time can do more good than a conversation with a friend or family member. Having that outside point of view can help you to see your situation from a new side. It can give you that check of assurance you may feel that is needed in a situation and your choices.

I love therapy, but of course it also comes down to finding the right doctor for you. if you don’t click with the first person you speak with, don’t give up. Find a new one. I promise its worth it.

How do you feel about therapy? Do you think it could be helpful in you time of life?

Mental Health & Pregnancy 1

Boy, when you find out you’re pregnant a million emotions go through your head. Maybe fear, happiness and joy or excitement. So many of us know our life is about to change. We know we are about to have a tiny human to care for and our entire world will change.

We also know the typical bodily changes- belly grows, maybe boobs do to. But what so many people overlook is the mental health portion. During pregnancy, between hormones and emotional changes you have body changes and life changes all at once. It’s not always easy to see and accept every day. Hell, some women struggle with not having the typical belly bumps. POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION can began during pregnancy. It can start to take effect before you ever give birth.

I know for me personally, I had so much anxiety before I had my first son. And yes, seperation anxiety is a real thing.

Did you know that 1 out of 7 woman suffer from postpartum depression? Did you know 70% to 80% of woman will experience some form of baby blues. When we include woman who have miscarried or have experienced a still birth, around 900,000 woman suffer from postpartum depression annually. If you already suffer from anxiety or depression then you are 10-50% higher in risk of suffering from postpartum depression. ⁣

As a womens society page I want to help educate. This is something that find is so over due on. Women are going into pregnancy and not knowing what PPA AND PPD are.

Mental health- is not just teens being dramatic or moms being exhausted. It is a real problem. It is alive and yet sucking the life from so many. I will be posting a few blogs about this soon.

Birth Story{s}

Hello! Lets talk birth…

In the comments I’d love to hear your birth stories!

With my first child birth was nothing like i thought it would be. I went in due to swelling, I was a week and half shy of my due date so I expected and IV and to be sent home.

Turns out, my blood pressure was 209/92!! I was immediately told to dress down and that I would be induced that night. Strangely enough I was worried, I was just happy to know I would be done being pregnant soon.

November 22, 2015 I was induced with pitocin. I was 3.5 cm dilated and with in just a couple hours I was at 8cm. They broke my water and I got an epidural. Back labor is no jake y’all. No contraction had bothered me up until damn back labor started. I remember the pain, the puking… the crying…. no joke. Then that epidural started working… peace on earth again.

I did labor alone, my now husband, then boyfriend was deployed and our families scattered across the states. It wasn’t what I expected. I assumed to be in pain, and screaming like you see on TV, but that wasn’t it. I was lucky and had seriously the most amazing nurse ever. She helped me breathe through the contractions and the epidural. Eventually, they said it was time to push… I never felt the urge to push. So that is my advice- if you don’t feel the urge, express that. Long story short, I tore where you should tear and I refused to keep pushing. A few hours went by and my blood pressure began to raise again, and I went in for a cesarean section. Later to find out that’s the only way a baby would be able to come from my body.

1409 [209 pm] my sweet first born came earth side. I unfortunately wasn’t able to hold him due to medications but I got to see his sweet face and that feeling of everything was right again flooded me.

I never felt trauma due to birth, it didn’t happen how I thought it would… but it was perfect.

My second birth was a dream! It was a scheduled c-section for 39 weeks. Making it to 39 weeks was the scary part, but I made it.

It was so simple, and smooth going. Nothing spectacular. My husband, a Veteran finally was with me. We got to the hospital at 830am day of and I was ready to go into the OR within 30 minutes.

They had my husband wait until the spinal was in and curtain was up before he got to come in. I will say I got nervous before right before the spinal and my blood pressure dropped so they had to lay me down… no big deal. From the nurses to the doctors everything was smooth. They brought my husband in and began. 1052am our sweet baby boy was brought earth side. Stubborn as he was to come out, he had a bit of breathing trouble but the Pediatrics were brought down and within minutes life was back to normal again.

With my first son, I was bed bound for 4 days due to my blood pressure. I remember the catheter and not walking… it was rough. After I had my second baby I was walking 4 hours after I had him. YES, even after a cesarean. That’s the most important thing is to walk. A 5 day stay vs a 24 hours stay.

Every birth is different, and emotions are high. No matter how you gave birth, or how you became a momma…. just know- YOU are a momma and you are amazing.

Launch Info & Purchases

Hey Guys!

We are so close to launching our first products!

Everything will be available for purchase separately or you can purchase a subscription box to include surprise goodies as well!

Still working on some last minute items to add but I am so close by the end of next week everything should be available and include product photos.

Thanks for sticking with me!